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This is a web repository for video clips from Italian movies, highlighting a particular structure of the language or a relevant cultural aspect, or both, and reflect on it with appropriate activities.

The site is populated with short clips taken from movies, where a certain linguistic structure is utilized in a realistic situation, or a relevant cultural aspect can be observed. Each scene is complemented by a transcription and a series of activities to be carried out before and after the vision of each clip, or interacting with a series of short clips.

Some of the units can be used in class (especially if they require guidance in interpreting the rich audio-visual context, or if they have further developments through successive parts of a sequence) and others could also be assigned for individual or group homework. The aim is not only to use video clips as a source to broaden students’ vocabulary and to develop communicative competence, but also to provide tasks to enhance transcultural and translingual competence.

This site constitutes a source of materials for the Italian Language Program, for all its levels, from elementary to advanced.